Buy a House Spell.

This spell is best done on a house that is empty.


You must know which house you want to buy and be firm about wanting it.



Set up a time to see the house with an agent, or get there when nobody is around. Remember if you aren’t allowed to look at the home without an agent don’t. Don’t trespass.



Ok so Say the house is $520,000

Collect together 5 Quarters. One Quarter for each $100,000 and 4 5c coins. One 5 cent coin for each $5,000. You get the idea.


Now wash the coins and put them in a small cotton or material bag, anoint with your favorite perfume or aftershave. Put them in either your pocket or in your bra so they absorb your energy.


Now once at the house find a plant or place you can put the coins where nobody will see them and take them. Don’t bury them. Take them out of the bag of course before you put them in the plant or place where you are leaving them.





‘’Great Spirit of the Earth, I buy this home from you, it is mine, ensure its safe for me, so mote it be, attract to me the needed money to buy this home so mote it be”



That’s it.

Blessed Be,

Lady Caitlin.



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