9 Raisins Money Spell

This is a really simple spell to help increase prosperity!
You do this spell once a day for 9 days. If you really *hate* raisins you can subsitute them with any nut or small fruit.

Everyday at 10pm at night
Eat 1 Raisin and say

“Bring good luck my way! Lots of money and wealth now be mine today!”

Say once again after you eat the last raisin and then say

“an it harm none”

It is done!


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Strawberries & Cream Spell – Bring work or Success!

This is a very quick spell designed to bring a new job or extra business your way.

1 Strawberry Incense Cone
1 Vanilla Candle
Matches or Lighter

Light the incense cone or stick. Smell the fragrance and visualize yourself working hard.
Hold the candle and visualize yourself working or getting more business. Imagine the money flowing to you and you being very prosperous. Now light the candle and say:

“Increase, Increase flows to me, busy busy as a bee, lots of work is now mine to be!”

Say this 9 times.

Let the candle burn out.



The Sock Spells

This spell is very very quick and very effective. The idea behind thsi spell is that the feet are a entry point for the body and soul. White socks should be used unless stated! Wear the socks all day and sleep in them if possible discarding the contents/herbs/salt in the morning, in anyway you please.

Protection & Breaking Bad luck & Removing Hexes.
Wear white socks with sea salt in them to break curses and protect from evil. This works really well so in the morning put a 1/2 to 1 tablesoon of Salt in each sock and wear until the next morning. Either wash the salt down the drain or throw it away outside. This will break any curses or bad luck around you.

Good Luck Socks!
Wear either brown or green socks with a pinch of any of these herbs: Cinnamon, Basil, or Rosemary. Wear as often as you like! Just a pinch though you dont’ want to smell like a green grocer and these herbs are very strong magically so you don’t need much.

Love Socks
Wear either pink, red or white socks. Love heart socks are great too of course but white is just fine and works just as good.
Put 2 rose petals in each sock while visualizing yourself with your intended lover or current love. Imagine love coming to you and surrounding you both. You can also use lavender or lilac. If you use these herbs use two pinch’s of each but rose petals work best. Dry or Fresh.

Health and Healing socks.
Wear white socks stuffed with 1ts of sea salt in each with a pinch of lavender or rosemary. Visualize yourself healthy and happy. In the morning throw out the salt and herb and restuff, repeat until you are well again.

Weightloss Sock Spell.
White or Yellow socks. Put a pinch of dried lemon rind or lemongrass in each sock while visualizing yourself with the perfect body. Do this only during the waning moon which is from full moon to new moon.

Fast Money Socks
Wear green or brown socks if available. Put 1 basil leaf dry or fresh into each sock and wear. If you cant find whole dry basil leaves use 1/2 ts of dried basil. Visualize yourself surrounded by cash and good luck.

Blessed Be!

Amethyst Wishing Spell

This spell is very easy and should be done either on the new moon or during the waxing period of the moon to ensure that you attract what you want rather than repel.

You only need a Amethyst and preferably one that has white streaks running through it as they are the most powerful for wishing.

You need:

1 Amethyst any size

1 ts of Salt mixed with 1 cup of Water.

Cleanse your crystal for 1 hour in the water solution. Rinse and let dry.

Now hold the crystal in the hand you write with and think about what you want….

Now say 9 times

“ I wish for (say what you want)”

then finish with

“an it harm none”

Thats it! very easy and quick and works really well!

Blessed Be, Lady Caitlin.

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Fast Money #2

This is a great easy spell to do when you need to keep a constant flow of money coming to you. This is just to ensure you have enough money to cover your needs from day to day. if you need a larger amount of money you would need to do other money spells.

You need:

1 small piece of thick green paper
1 black sharpie or marker
Cinnamon – ground supermarket type is fine.

Now Think money coming to you while you hold the paper…take the pen and draw the money symbol $ on it. Now sprinkle it with cinnamon and leave overnight in a safe place. The next day put it in your wallet or purse. Keep it there with your paper money.

its done! thats it!

Very easy but works great!

Blessed Be,



Lady Caitlin.


Fast Luck!

This spell is great for a boost of good luck when you need it!

Make a Cup of Coffee or Tea…. it can even be cocoa….make it exactly how you usually would… now with a teaspoon stir it 9 times clockwise saying:

“Good Luck Come, Good Luck Stay, Bad Luck Go Away”

Say this chant 9 times while stirring and thats it!


O Money Lord Quick Money Spell

This spell is very easy and of unknown origin.  It has been around a long, long time and always works for me!  With the Elements of Fire, Candle Magic is a very fast and safe Spell Elemental to work with.  And Remember, Keep your working silent, this means don’t speak to anyone of your spell work keep it to yourself!

Things Needed:

9 Green Taper Candles – Any size will do but small enough to burn out within a few hours


Matches or a Lighter

Candle Holder

Money Oil or Olive Oil

Any Type of Incense Stick or Cone (Patchouli, Sandalwood, Money, etc are best but any type will do) and a dish to put the incense on.

Start this Spell on the Wednesday of the New Moon. For Example if the New Moon is on Sunday, start it on the Wednesday following it.  It is to be repeated everyday for 9 days.

Wash the candle in salt water and let it dry.

Light your incense and think about the amount of money needed. Now take the pin and carve in your name and the amount of money your need.  For Example

Jane Doe


Now wet your thumb and index finger with your salvia and rub it on the candle. Again thinking of the money needed and what for.

Now dip your fingers in the oil and starting at the bottom of the candle rub upwards toward the wick. Annoint slowly while thinking of your money goal.

Now Light the candle and say:

“Oh Money Lord, Hear My Plea, Look My Way, Look My Way,

Send Your Abundance To Me!”

Repeat this chant 9 times and then say

“An it Harm None, So Mote it Be”


  • Always use one candle per day with this spell and allow each candle to burn out completely. If the candle doesn’t burn out re-light it as soon as possible the next day and burn it out before starting with a new candle for that day!
  • If You can’t get green candles use White or Gold. Either is fine.
  • Always make sure your candle is burning in a safe place where it can’t start a fire and never leave it unattended! If You want it to burn overnight put it in the bathtub or kitchen sink but again make sure it can’t catch fire to anything nearby!


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